Danielle Hull

I’m Dani, Business Support Manager at Loates.

It’s my job to oversee the daily workload of the business support team, which means I’ve got a constant eye on deadlines and potential hiccups.

Systems, processes and rolling out new ideas: they’re top of my list when it comes to a typical day – which is where my background in project management comes into play. I’m the first port of call for any operational challenges the team might run into and have become the chosen one for troubleshooting.

Known for being a perfectionist and having an eye for detail, I’m often getting stuck into design projects, proof-reading documents and editing written content.

Key skills and specialities

  • Getting stuff done! The team rely on me to make sure we avoid getting snowed under, and if we do, I’m there to give a helping hand.
  • Having spent over a decade in the marketing industry, I’m glad to bring those skills to an in-house team and offer my expertise where needed.
  • Problem solving – I love a good puzzle, especially when my efforts end up fixing issues for other people.
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