During 2020, 13.6 million days of sickness absence caused by mental health issues were recorded in the UK.

The average costs per employee for the private sector is £1,652 with the public sector being slightly higher at £1,716.  Across both sectors, the largest contributor to costs is presenteeism, two thirds of the total cost.

35% of line managers reported a wish for basic training in common mental health conditions.

Business in the Community, 2019

During 2020, poor health cost UK businesses approximately £45 billion.
This includes costs from absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover.

People with a long-term mental health condition lose their jobs every year at around double the rate of those without a mental health condition. This equates to 300,000 people – the equivalent of the population of Newcastle or Belfast.

On average, businesses receive a return on investment of £5 for every £1 spent on mental health initiatives.

How are you doing?

No, how are you actually doing?

It's becoming increasingly apparent that returning to life in the post-lockdown workplace isn't simply going to be a matter of just slotting everyone back in to where they were before, and continuing business-as-usual.

Things have changed. Companies don't want the same things. People don't want the same things.

Workers coming off furlough are feeling deskilled, disposable, and have had their self-confidence severely knocked. Those not furloughed are feeling burnt out and aggrieved that they've had to shoulder all the work to keep everything afloat. And on top of all that, staff now returning to the workplace are worried about how their health and safety is going to be ensured now that we're resuming face-to-face interaction once again.

Consequently, one thing is for sure despite these uncertain times. Supporting workplace wellbeing is something that organisations are going to need to start taking really seriously should they wish to succeed as we move into a post-lockdown future.

This course was offered by Loates Management Training and I’m very glad I booked onto it.
This course is a must for those that feel they are afraid to approach and offer support to a person with a mental health issue for fear of ‘getting it wrong’.
The course builds on your strength as a listener and teaches skills to support and help those around you whether at work or at home or even yourself when you are struggling with every day problems and pressures.

Amanda Bryant
HR Manager

We're not your average workplace wellbeing provider

In comparison to other workplace wellbeing providers, we have a unique combination of skills and experience that allows us to adopt a much more joined-up approach.

We're not just wellbeing and mental health experts. Nor are we just workplace and employment law experts. Nor are we just people coaches and trainers. We're all of these things. And more.

Within our team we have...

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trainers accredited by Mental Health First Aid England, which allows us to equip your staff with the skills necessary to support both their own mental health and that of their colleagues
  • highly qualified and experienced management and people skills trainers, which allows us to address people-related factors underlying poor workplace wellbeing
  • psychology qualifications ranging from degrees all the way up to PhDs
  • in-depth knowledge of how practitioners utilise CBT, mindfulness, and meditation
  • consultants who've worked on a number of local university research projects relating to workplace mental health
  • highly qualified and experienced HR and employment law experts, which allows us to identify and resolve organisational factors underlying poor workplace wellbeing
  • ACAS qualified mediators, which allows us to resolve workplace disputes and conflict

So what?

All too often, workplace wellbeing is only dealt with as a disjointed knee-jerk reaction, resulting in a hastily thought out and poorly considered one-off response, such as 'let's send everyone on a course', or 'let's introduce hybrid working'. Or even worse, simply as a box-ticking exercise or PR opportunity.

In contrast, we can help you develop an effective, coherent workplace wellbeing strategy, where wellbeing is fully integrated into the culture of your organisation.

Consequently, we're able to adopt a big-picture viewpoint. Not only are we fully equipped to address current workplace wellbeing concerns from a people perspective, but we're also able to identify and resolve the underlying company issues that cause these.

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