Dr Kevin Marks

I’m Kev, Finance, Marketing and IT Director at Loates.

Aside from the more pressing responsibilities that my role demands, such as plant watering, IKEA furniture construction and cat herding, I’m also known for having a bit of an idea about computer stuff.

Systems and processes are my thing and I’m always tinkering with technology to find solutions for people – all in the name of making our work more efficient! Whilst being on-hand to support the team at Loates with their day-to-day endeavours, I’m often looking to the future and strategically steering the team so we’re all pointing in the same direction.

My overall goal is to create a decent place to work with a flat hierarchy and high levels of trust & autonomy. We take our team’s wellbeing seriously, offering flexibility, consideration to work-life-balance, protecting mental and physical health, and helping people to become the best they can be.

Key skills and specialities

  • Tea making (and drinking).
  • Solving problems and making sure the team are happy and have everything they need.
  • IT systems, website maintenance and marketing.
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