Dr Kevin Marks

I’ve had a pretty varied career. I’ve worked in corporate computing, video game development, audio electronics, HR consultancy, and academia. I’ve been an employee, a line manager, a sole trader, and am now a company director and business owner. So, I’ve seen the world of work from a number of different perspectives.

Along the way I’ve also obtained some diverse qualifications, namely a masters in microelectronics & software engineering, a masters in psychology, and a PhD in psychology. So, once again, that’s given me a somewhat unique viewpoint on things.

Whilst studying psychology, I became aware of the importance of wellbeing, learning the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and familiarising myself with the therapeutic tool of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Additionally, as an academic researcher, I carried out a number of studies examining how depression affects men.

Within my current role I’m interested in what makes people tick, and how to help them maximise their potential, both personally and within the workplace.

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