Wellbeing Consultancy

What is wellbeing consultancy?

Rather than directly helping resolve immediate day-to-day issues, wellbeing consultancy provides advice on long-term projects and strategic initiatives.

Why does wellbeing consultancy matter?

All too often, companies find themselves trapped in an endless cycle of fire-fighting, repeatedly dealing with the same employee wellbeing issues over and over again. This can be extremely time-consuming for business owners, significantly distracting them from being able to focus on the core purpose of their company. Wellbeing consultancy provides objective third-party input that helps break away from this reactive approach by identifying and tackling the underlying root causes of such issues (eg toxic company culture) once and for all.

In addition to directly benefiting employees, the provision of such support offers an excellent return-on-investment (ROI) in terms of mitigating against a number of significant business risks:

How can we help you with wellbeing consultancy?

Typically, we initially carry out company-wide wellbeing audits, in order to uncover an accurate picture of the present situation, both from an employee and organisational perspective.

Having identified exactly where things currently stand, we will then work with you to create a plan that will get your company to where it needs to go.

Since we also run both an HR consultancy and a management training provider, we can provide a multi-faceted approach to implementing the necessary change, which allows us to adopt a much more holistic approach to achieving your goals than other wellbeing consultancies.

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